Article 1. Foreword

  1. The Canal Mail company, having its head offices at 109 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris France, a French limited company with capital of €50,000, registered with the register of trade and companies of Paris under number RCS 453 948 093, is organizing an online game operation enabling the members enrolled on its Internet website: to win sums of money.
  2. Participation in the game is free of charge and does not include any purchasing obligation.
  3. Anybody participating in the game adheres to these game rules.
  4. Article 2. Definitions

  5. The following terms are defined to have the following meaning:
    • - « winning mail » : email letter received at random by participant;
    • - « winner » : any participant who receives a winning email ;
    • - « participant » : any member of the website participating in this game ;
    • - « website » : public online communication service produced by Canal Mail and accessible at the address:

    Article 3. Duration

  6. Participation in the game is open without any conditions regarding duration.
  7. Article 4. Conditions of participation

  8. The "winning mail" game proposed on the Internet site is open to any physical person, adult on the day of participation
  9. Members of the staff of companies who are affiliates or partners of Canal Mail or any persons who contributed to the organization of the game and the near and dear ones of the aforementioned persons may not participate in the game.
  10. Article 5. Conditions of participation

  11. To be able to participate in the game proposed by Canal Mail, the participant must have an Internet connection and a mobile or fixed telephone.
  12. The participant must connect to the Internet website, enroll as site member and adhere to the General conditions of use.
    • - Step 1: The participant fills out and validates an Internet enrollment form, filling in more particularly the following required data fields:
      • civil status;
      • surname;
      • first name;
      • email address ;
      • telephone number;
      • password;
    • - Step 2: the candidate user validates and accepts the General Conditions of the services and gives its consent to the reception of the paid trials, surveys and advertising transmitted by Canal Mail by checking the boxes provided for the purpose.
    • - Step 3: The user must send a sms to audiotel number to confirm enrollment using the number entered during step 1.
    • - Step 4: The user receives an email message confirming enrollment at the email address given during step 1.
    • - Step 5: Subsequently, the member must fill in as accurately as possible its profile depending on the various distinctive criteria, choose the method of transmission of the advertising (SMS and/or email) and choose the frequency for the reception of the paid trials, surveys and advertising.
    • It then chooses to participate or not participate in the "winning email" game.
  13. After registration on the website the member receives periodically email messages which may contain a "winning email" message.
  14. After clicking to open the email message, if the user sees that it corresponds to a "winning email" message, by virtue of a new page, it is informed that it has one the amount corresponding to the winning email message.
  15. To participate and receive contributions in the event of receiving a "winning email" message, the member must have a valid bank account opened in its name with a French bank, or a PayPal account connected to the email address given by the member on registration
  16. The aforementioned amount is then credited automatically to the account on the member accessible at the website
  17. If nothing is entered into the registration form fields, or if inaccurate information is supplied, the winner may not receive the won amount.
  18. The winning member accepts that Canal Mail uses its surname and first name to report on the website that the latter has won a prize, indicating the amount of the winnings for the purpose of promoting the game only.
  19. Article 6. Winnings

  20. The email messages corresponding to "winning email" messages represent a unit total written in this one.
  21. A winning email is attributed during the game according to monthly intervals and after the drawing of lots among the email addresses of the registered members.
  22. Article 7. Collection of personal data

  23. Canal Mail uses a method for the processing of the personal data of the participant for which it is responsible in order to create a member account and to manage and organize the game.
  24. By application of articles 38 to 40 of the IT and liberties law of 6 January 1978, the participant is informed that it has the right of access, interrogation and correction of information concerning it.
  25. The participant has the possibility of opposing, at no cost, that the data concerning it is used for such purposes.
  26. The participant is informed that during visits to the site, a cookie may be installed automatically into its browser software.
  27. If it so wishes, the participant may deactivate the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate parameters in its browser.
  28. Deactivation like this may prevent the user from gaining access to certain functionalities of the platform and the game.
  29. The participant has the right of access, withdrawal and modification of personal data supplied by virtue of cookies under the conditions indicated above.
  30. The participant recognizes that there is a possibility of receiving, at its request, information about the processing of the data concerning it, or of using the rights mentioned above in accordance with the following procedure:
    • - written and signed request by the member with an attached photocopy of an identity document;
    • - request sent to the following address :
      • Service Client - CANAL MAIL
      • 109 rue Montmartre
      • 75002 Paris France
    • - Or by e-mail to the following

    Article 8. Conditions for attribution of winnings

  31. After the winning member fills in personal identity data and PayPal account particulars on registration, its personal member account is automatically credited with the amount indicated in the text of the winning email.
  32. The winner who has correctly filled in the required information in the enrollment form and made the request for the payment of all amounts to the credit of its member account will receive, within 30 days, the total amount of its account by PayPal address indicated on enrollment.
  33. This time may be increased in the event of a communication cut, of connection difficulties or failure of the Internet website server.
  34. The amount to the credit of the member account will be paid to the member only if it exceeds a bottom value fixed in the member area.
  35. If the payment due to the member for a given month is less than this bottom threshold, the payment will be postponed to the first month allowing the bottom threshold to be reached.
  36. If the particulars are wrong, the winner will not be paid the amounts it has won.
  37. Article 9. Refunding of participation expenses

  38. The game proposed on the Internet website is free of charge without any obligation to purchase.
  39. The costs incurred by any participant who has participated in a game may be refunded to it on request, under the following terms, and within the limits of one enrollment on the site per month and per person.
  40. Two obtain a refund, the member must:
    • - Send a request in writing to the following Canal Mail address:
      • CANAL MAIL
      • 109 rue Montmartre
      • 75002 Paris France
    • - Enclose the following documents with the request:
      • - Copy of proof of identity (identity card or passport), specifying the email address("Login") ;
      • - Copy of proof of residence (electricity or telephone invoice) ;
      • - Copy of the detailed invoice of telephone operator (specifying the date and time of communication) ;
      • - Copy of bank reference information (RIB).
  41. The member cannot obtain refunding of telephone expenses unless its participation with the services is valid.
  42. Canal Mail cannot be held responsible for the unauthorized use of the telephone line of the third party by the member to participate in the Service.
  43. the request for refund is only valid if the member satisfies the following conditions:
    • - the member must be adult
    • - the member has indeed participated in the service proposed by the platform;
    • - the member has used a telephone line it owns or otherwise, a telephone line belonging to a third party who has specifically authorized the member to call the audiotel service in writing.
  44. For postal and copying expenses related to the request sent for refund, they can also be refunded on a written request made at the same time as the request for the refunding of the participation expenses, based on the standard postal rate applicable at the time of the request.
  45. The expenses of connection to the Internet covered by the participant to participate in the game will be refunded on request according to the following terms:
    • - the connection expenses invoiced on the basis of connection time, resulting from payment of the call, will be refunded on the lump sum basis of 5 minutes of connection, against production of justifying documents regarding connection and on presentation of proof of subscription;
    • - connection costs invoiced on the basis of the quantity of downloaded data will be refunded on the basis of 500 kB against presentation of proof of subscription in the name of the participant and proof of connection.
  46. Only an amount actually paid out can justify refunding. Connections made using a lump-sum subscription, especially of the "unlimited" type are grounds for refunding of the cost of subscription or of connection to the Internet.
  47. Any request which is incomplete or incorrect may not be taken into consideration.
  48. Only requests for refund under the terms of these rules, made by means of the post will be taken into consideration, to the exclusion of any other means (email, telephone, etc.).
  49. Any incomplete requests, sent to the wrong or incorrect address will not be taken into consideration. In particular, no request for refund by email will be taken into consideration.
  50. The request for refund must be made within at the most ninety (90) days after the participation for which the member is requesting the refund of the expenses incurred, confirmed by the postal stamp.
  51. This time is indicative only and may be increased if there are issues with postal delivery or bank delays, beyond the control of Canal Mail.
  52. The expenses incurred by the participant for requesting a copy of these game rules will be refunded on the standard postal rate applicable in metropolitan France on the day of the request, within the limits of one request per person (same name and address) and per version of the regulation.
  53. Article 10. The game rules

  54. These game rules belonging to Canal Mail have been registered with Maître Alain Saragoussi, Legal Bailiff, address (Allée Pierre Lazareff) 79, rue Réaumur Paris France.
  55. These game rules will be sent free of charge to any person requesting them in writing to:
    • 109 rue Montmartre
    • 75002 Paris France.
  56. Furthermore, the game rules can be consulted on the Internet website
  57. The expenses incurred by the participant to obtain these rules by the post will be refunded on the basis of the standard postal rate in response to a written request accompanied by bank references.
  58. A simple request for a copy of these rules and the refunding of the expenses incurred to obtain a copy will be taken into consideration for one given person (same postal address).
  59. Article 11. Modification of game rules

  60. In order to adapt to the changes of the website and/or its operation, Canal Main reserves the right to make unilateral modifications, without prior notice, to these game rules as proposed on the Internet website
  61. Any use of the Internet website after the modification of the game rules are tantamount to accepting the new game rule.
  62. Article 12. Responsibility

  63. Participation in the game is understood to mean full acceptance of these rules.
  64. Participating in the game means knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, especially concerning technical performance, response times for consulting, questioning or transferring information, risks of interruption and more generally, the risks inherent in any connections or transmissions on the Internet, the absence of protection of certain data from possible diversion and the risks of contamination by viruses that may be circulating on the network.
  65. Accordingly, Canal Mail cannot be held responsible in any way, without this list being limiting for:
    • - issues with the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet;
    • - any malfunctioning of the Internet preventing the correct run-through/operation of the game;
    • - any failure of any reception hardware or communication lines;
    • - any loss of paper mail or email and more generally any loss of data;
    • - any damage caused to the computer of an Internet user who participated in a game and to the participant;
    • - any technical failure, whether related to hardware or software of any type, preventing or limiting the possibility of participating in the game or which damaged the system of an Internet user participating in the game, and of the participant.
  66. Canal Mail cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an interruption, malfunction of any type, and for any reason whatsoever, or for any direct or indirect damage resulting in any manner from a connection to the website.
  67. The connection of any person to the site and the participation in the game, or of the participants, is under the owner full responsibility.
  68. Canal Mail reserves the right, especially in unavoidable cases of shortening, extending or canceling this game in part or in full if the circumstances so demand. Its responsibility cannot be engaged on this subject.
  69. However, changes can be the subject of private information by all appropriate means, in particular via the website, while Canal Mail reserves the possibility of temporarily suspending the possibility of participating in the game if it, or a possible hosting party, can no longer ensure the continuity of the service required for the game to continue.
  70. Article 13. Abnormal or fraudulent use

  71. Canal Mail reserves the right to cancel any gains won by a winning player if the latter has played abnormally on the website, for instance using scripts, computer programs, abnormal intervention on the site, although this list of abnormal or fraudulent behaviors is not limited and notwithstanding any recourse action that Canal Mail may take from the civil or penal standpoints (swindling, abusive use or attack of a computerized data processing system).
  72. Article 14. Intellectual property

  73. Participation in this game does not involve the transfer of any rights of intellectual property to the items available on the platform or to the email referred to as winning Mail and belonging to Canal Mail or its partners, to the benefit of the user.
  74. 14.1. Canal Mail elements
  75. The site, the makes, the drawings, the models, the images, the texts, the photos, the logos, the graphics charters, the software and programs, the search engines, the databases, the sounds, the videos, the domain names, designs or any other information or supports on the platform, while considering that this list is not exhaustive, are the exclusive property of Canal Mail and are protected by their copyright, trademarks, patents any other rights of intellectual or industrial property recognized according to the applicable laws.
  76. Any reproduction and/or representation, in full or in part, of any one of these rights, without the express authorization of Canal Mail is prohibited and would constitute counterfeit punishable by articles L. 335-2 and the following of the Intellectual Property code.
  77. Accordingly, the user shall refrain from any actions or acts liable to have any direct or indirect effect on the intellectual property rights of Canal Mail.
  78. 14.2. Partner elements
  79. Any elements belonging to third parties such as trademarks, drawings, models, images, texts, photos,logos, in this list which is not exhaustive, are the exclusive property of the author and are accordingly protected by copyright, trademark rights or any other rights recognized by the current legislation.
  80. The particpant shall refrain from any direct or indirect action having an effect on the property rights of any third parties whose content appears on the platform and shall not use in any way whatsoever the names, trademarks, logos, software, information, databases or any other documents supplied to it in general, in the performance of these general conditions of use.
  81. Article 15. Jurisdiction and applicable law

  82. In case of a dispute and if no amicable solution can be found, the matter will be brought automatically before the courts of paris, even in the event of there being a multitude of defendants or appeal on the guarantee, for emergency procedures or conservatory procedures, or for summary actions or actions by request.
  83. This regulation comes under French law .